Resort Rules

SMOKING INSIDE THE ROOMS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. For the guests’ safety and to maintain the cleanliness of the rooms or cottages of the resorts, smoking inside the rooms or hallway is not allowed. Guests can smoke at the balcony or porch area.

WE STRICTLY FOLLOW THE MAXIMUM CAPACITY OF GUESTS PER COTTAGE. In able to serve our guests at the very best we can, we implement a strict compliance in the number of people in a room to avoid discomfort to maintain the orderliness inside the cottages. In excess of the lying capacity in air conditioned cottages, P450/pax will be charged but with maximum of 2 pax/unit only.

WE PROMOTE CLAYGO. (CLEAN AS YOU GO) TO BE PRACTICED INSIDE THE RESORT. Guests are encouraged to make an exertion to help the resort clean by throwing trashes at the garbage bins that is placed all over the resort. Throwing litters or wastes in the beach is prohibited.

EXTRA CHARGE FOR EXTRA APPLIANCES BROUGHT TO THE RESORT. A minimum of P100.00/appliances per night will be charged for guests who bring extra appliances inside the resort. Please conserve water and electricity.

GRILLING. Grilling are allowed but on designated area only (beach front). Bringing of electric stove, electric griller with high electricity consumption and alike are not allowed.

SWIMMING AT THE BEACH.  The Beach is A Public Area. Lifeguards are present at daytime until 5:00 pm only but still, we expect guests to take care of their selves and their valuables while in the beach. Night swimming is not recommendable for the guests for their own safety. There is no lifeguard at night. Swimming at night will be at guests’ own risk and responsibility particularly for guests who are intoxicated. Children and non-swimmer guests must be accompanied by adult. The Management and its staff will not be liable for any loss or damage of guests belonging or injuries and loss of life arising from accidents, drowning and use of any kind of watersports/water activities.

CHECK IN AND CHECK OUT TIME FOR THE GUESTS. For Day Tour guests, check in time is at 8:00am and check out time is 5:00pm. For Overnight guests, check in time is STRICTLY 3:00 pm and check out time is STRICTLY 1:00pm. 2hr allowance is asked to give way for the staff to clean up, and to prepare for the next occupier. We request for the guests assistance to be able to serve at our very best.

BONFIRE/TENT IS PROHIBITED. To be able to maintain the cleanliness and white sand of the beach and the seashore, bonfire and tent fetching are strictly prohibited.

PETS. Absolutely no pets are allowed inside the room.

VIDEOKE MACHINE AND LOUD MUSIC. In 2002, a memorandum has been sent out to resort owners from the Mayor of San Juan, Batangas that all videoke machine must be shut down after 10:00pm. Bringing of own videoke machine or any devices for singing are not allowed inside the room. If the guest wants to bring their own, they must rent the available picnic table to avoid complaints from the neighboring cottages and resorts. Please refrain from playing any loud music or noise from 10 pm to 8:30am, which can distract the privacy of other guests. Bringing of any type of loud speakers are not allowed.

GUESTS BEHAVIOR AND RIGHT CONDUCT IS OBSERVED. Right conduct and guests behavior is observed inside the resort, illegal weapons, and illegal drugs are prohibited inside the area. Therefore, drinking alcohol should be monitored to prevent any difficulty/trouble. In case of guests engaging to fight/violence should be asked to leave the resort immediately with no refund/compensation or whatsoever.

COTTAGES KEYS and REMOTE CONTROL. Keys and Remote control are given to guests upon checking in. Keys and Remote Control can be surrenders in the office before going out to the beach to prevent lost keys. P800.00 will be charged for lost keys and P700.00 will be charged for lost Remote Control.

VALUABLES.  The resort will not be responsible for any loss or damaged valuables inside or outside the cottage. Please take care of your personal belongings. Secure your doors, windows, vehicles during absence and night time.

LINENS. Do not remove beddings and mattresses from rooms unless allowed by the Management.  Lost linens, beddings, pillows and alike will be charged accordingly. Guests may not bring home anything that is owned by the resort, except if it is stated that is a gift for the guests.

 MEAL ARRANGEMENTS. For guests 30persons and above and wants to have food package, minimum charge of 1,250/head which includes dinner, next day breakfast and lunch (Manage Buffet)

DAMAGE/LOSS TO RESORT PROPERTY. Guests are financially accountable for any damage or loss to any resort equipment/property, either intentional or accidental. Willful damage of Resort property/equipment will result to payment of damages fee or prosecution.

Cancellation Policy:

  • 100% of total downpayment will be forfeited if notice of cancellation is received on the day of arrival date and for NO shows.
  • Should the guest decide to shorten his/her stay, payment for the unused room nights are non-refundable and cannot be used to offset against food and beverages and other charges of the resort.

Sigayan Bay Beach Resort shall not be liable for any loss/damage to individual property, physical injury or loss of life, suffered by guests arising from the use of any amenities/equipment within the resort, including but not restricted to all vehicles, watersports/water activities. Guests agree to Sigayan Bay Beach Resort, its owners, officers, staff; free from any entitlements/claims arising from the use of any equipment or amenities in the resort. Likewise, all guests agree to abide and acknowledge all the rules and policies of the resort.